Is Pokemon Go the Answer to Fighting Childhood Obesity?

The current Pokemon craze that has taken the US by storm has got more people moving about than any fitness program on the market. There are reports of people having sore leg muscles and being exhausted from being on the move the whole day.

Pokemon Go has made more people give up their sedentary lifestyles than any fitness program on the market’ and here’s the kicker. They’re adults!

Even adults love this game. You can’t begin to imagine how kids are going crazy trying to catch a Pikachu at every corner or becoming a Gym champion. This game has got children out of the house and has them running around outdoors.

This was how kids were meant to play. With the advent of technology, most kids sit around at home playing video games or constantly posting stuff on social media. Pokemon Go is one video game that has everybody on their feet running from point to point.

While most parents frown when their kids are hooked on their video games for extended periods, this is one time where it would be good to close one eye and let your child run and play to his or her heart’s content.

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the US and many parts of the world. The only way to combat obesity in children is to get them to be active and the gym period in school just does not cut it.

Once your child’s homework for the day is done and they’ve completed the chores that you’ve set for them, do let them go wild with Pokemon Go. The craze is sweeping the world now and you do not know how long it will last.

You might as well let your kids get all the exercise they can now. This is especially true if your children are overweight or having a tough time shedding the pounds. You’ll be amazed at how willing they are to walk long distances just to find poke balls and potions.

Another feature in the game is Pokemon eggs that require you to travel a certain distance. Some eggs have a 2km minimum, some 5km and the rare eggs have an 8km distance required for you to incubate the egg.

It will be a good idea to travel these distances by foot instead of using a car. This will help both you and your kids burn more calories and like they say, 10 thousand steps a day is the key to staying fit.

The reason that children don’t mind being active to capture Pikachus is because the Pokemon Go is very fun. The augmented reality of this game is very appealing to kids who already have an active imagination. This definitely beats having to do rope climbs or run rounds at a track.

Children will willingly do what they enjoy doing and Pokemon Go will get them to be active without them even realizing it. Do ensure that your child or children carries a water bottle around so that they stay hydrated.

Another important point is to tell your children to be careful on roads and not to approach vans or strangers just because there is a Lapras or Pikachu somewhere around there.

It would be a good idea for you to join your children in the game so that you too get some exercise and you’ll also be able to keep them safe. Do make sure that your children are well aware of the potential threats and dangers out in the real world. It’s so easy to get so immersed in the game that you forget where you are.

If you can do that, your children will definitely become active, burn calories, boost their stamina and shed the excess pounds while they enjoy Pokemon Go.