5 Great Tips For Finding More Pokémon Go Creatures

The hot new mobile game, Pokémon Go, focus on one seemingly simple task: Gotta catch ’em all!

However, attempts to fill up your Pokédex (that’s Pokémon for a type of encyclopedia where your goal is to include one of each type), can be quite frustrating if you are having a hard time finding enough to keep you busy!

People seem to be running around randomly; constantly peering down at their phones with only one goal in mind: to catch ’em all!

1. Hunt With A Friend

Not only can walking with a friend give you someone to laugh and joke around with, but more importantly it speed up the process of finding Pokémon that are ‘two-footstep’ or ‘three-footstep’ away on your indicator.  Having someone to help you by walking the other direction when there is a question of left or right can be incredibly helpful.

2. Hunt At Night

While you need to be cautious about your safety in doing so, night hunts can reveal types of Pokémon that are not present during the daytime. Many players report finding a lot more fairy type Pokémon in the evenings. Always use your common sense however and preferably hunt with friends if you plan to go out at night. (Be wary of lure-enabled PokéStops at night if you do not have friends around, as these can unfortunately be abused.)

3. Pay Attention To Your ‘Nearby’ Menu

This menu tells you which Pokémon are one-unit, two-units, or three-units away.  Unfortunately each unit is designated as a footprint but the distances are much much larger than just a footstep! You’ll need to watch this closely to see if footsteps increase or decrease to let you know if you are getting nearer or further away. This is sort of like a game of Marco Polo with Pokémon!  Once you are down to a single footprint, then wander around and allow your radar ring (the pulsing circle around your body) to help you pull the Pokémon out of hiding.

4. Watch For Moving Leaves

While moving leaves do not indicate that a Pokémon will definitely spawn there, they DO indicate that the general area is a spawn point for Pokémon.  If you’re in an area with those little green fluttering leaves showing up on your map, stay alert because you’re quite likely to find Pokémon showing up there!

5. Visit Parking Lots – Particularly Those of Shopping Centers And Major Stores

No one is really sure why parking lots seem to be a favorite spawn point for Pokémon, but they sure are!  The more active and busy the parking lot is, the more likely you are to find a lot of activity there. Sometimes parking lots around shopping centers are even more Pokémon active than Lure-attached PokéStops! Since multiple people can all collect the same Pokémon, these can be a fun way to meet and greet people as well.

Bonus tip: Pidgey is one of the easiest to acquire Pokémon in the early levels while having one of the lowest “costs” to evolve. Save up a handful of them and enough candy to do the evolving. Then either acquire or purchase a Lucky Egg. These eggs double your experience earned for 30 minutes. Once you’ve used the Lucky Egg then evolve a whole bunch of Pokémon during that time for a massive level boost!