Obedience Training Is Great For Your Dog

Owning a dog is a great way to have a constant companion, but you need to realize your companion can easily get hurt if he does not listen to you. This is when you should know how important obedience training is for your dog. When you start to realize just how important this is, you will want to get your dog enrolled in the first training course that you can find and ensure he is properly trained.

Obedience training is the way to establish the master dog relationship. It allows the dog to learn what is right, what is wrong, what you’ll tolerate and what you won’t tolerate. Quite often I hear people say I don’t need obedience training because I don’t want Fido to be a show dog he simply a pet. Obedience training is in for show dogs obedience training is for well-behaved pets.

Having a well-behaved pet will allow you to take your dog places that poorly behaved dogs can’t go. Having a well-behaved dog will allow you to go for nice walks through the neighborhood without your dog acting like to Cujo and wanting to attack everybody and everything he sees.

So how does your dog get obedience trained, simple you’re going to do it. There are several different ways to go about having your dog trained but the best and easiest is to use the help of a professional dog trainer. There are several options even when you use a trainer. You might consider group obedience classes, which I feel are probably the worst choice because of all the distractions. One of the better options is private lessons in your home because that’s where you want your dog to be the most well-behaved. And then of course there’s the board and train option that’s where you send your dog off for four weeks have somebody else train it and they send you back a well-trained dog.

The board and train option is great if you simply don’t have the time are the desire to do any training. You’ll have a professional who will do the training for you and if you choose the right trainer you will actually guarantee that your dog will do a certain list of exercises. When your dog completes the training the trainer will teach you how to handle the trained dog. Does that sound simple, it is.

However if you asked me which method I prefer it will be private lessons every time. That allows you to do the training and for your dog to learn to recognize you as the master and the alpha of the pack. Remember a well-trained dog is something that you will enjoy all of its life and a poorly trained dog is something you will regret ever getting.

Happy training!