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No matter what your preference is in coffee, when it comes to finding the best coffee maker, you will definitely find yourself wandering through the many variations out in the market; from the most basic model to the most programmable ones.

Coffee makers have expanded into many variations that selecting the perfect brewer to fit one’s need is more possible. However, no matter what model a machine is, each of these was based on a certain type of brewer. We can say that the newer designs are actually improved versions of the earlier, and more commonly used versions. So, what are these earlier types?

There are four types of coffee makers (whether they have additional features or are more programmable and customizable). Here’s a look at what these are and a brief explanation about them.


The percolator is one of the most common and oldest brewers around. It brews coffee by boiling the water which goes through the coffee ground placed on a filter. For many years, this brewer has become a favorite as it shows a simple approach to making coffee. However, boiling the water should be watched over since it can make the brew bitter the longer it is cooked.

Plunger Pots

Plunger pots are used for professional coffee tasting, or should we say by the coffee connoisseurs. It is also known as the French Press, a type of coffee maker that further enhances the coffee’s flavor. The plunger pots allow the coffee to blend with the water while allowing you to control the boiling temperature. This helps you control the strength of the brew.

Drip Coffee Makers

Drip coffee makers can either be automatic or manual. These have become common kitchen appliances. Manual drips prepare coffee by using a filter cone which holds the ground. Water is first heated before slowly pouring it onto the coffee ground. Automatic drips brew coffee by first pouring cold water into the reservoir to be heated. During this process, water pulsates on the coffee grounds which were placed in a filter.

Espresso and Cappuccino Machines

Espresso and cappuccino machines are recently being favored by many customers due to the special features they have which can either be used for business or for their own use. Having this appliance at home can help save money and time since ordering gourmet coffee from coffee shops can cost a lot, plus you have to stand in line just to place your order.

Whether it’s the percolator or the drip type or those programmable machines, you can easily select the best coffee maker for you with the many varieties available. Surely a new model will be coming out in the market a month after buying today’s latest model. Just remember to be practical in your purchase-consider your lifestyle and your taste preference-to get one that will serve you conveniently.

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