These days, looking good is not restricted to ladies who are young and slim. Any person, of any age and size, can look beautiful if they accentuate their best points and play down their negative features. Some of the things you might try in order to look younger may in fact add years to your look. If you do not want to look like your own mother- and who does? – here are the main pitfalls you need to avoid.

Dressing inappropriately

Typically, ladies presume that, if they dress young, they will undoubtedly look younger. To a point, this can be true. You do not need to dress dowdy as you grow older. Having said that, a dress that’s so tight it looks as if it’s been sprayed on, or a top that shows all your cleavage, along with lines and liver spots, just will not work. If you have fantastic legs, you can get away with wearing shorter skirts, but be sensible about it, and don’t go micro mini.

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